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  • Background of the study 1
  • Statement of the problem 4
  • Purpose of the study 5
  • Significance of the study 6
  • Research question 8
  • Scope of the study 9
  • Definition of terms 10


Related Literature Review                                          12




3.1   Design of the study                                           22

3.2   Area of the study                                               23

3.3   Population of the study                                      23

3.4   Sample and sampling technique                         23

3.5   Instrument for data collection                             24

3.6   Validation of the instrument                                24

3.7   Distribution and retrieval of instrument                24

3.8   Method of data                                                  25

3.9   Method of data analysis                                     25



4.1   Data presentation and analysis                          27



Summary, Conclusion and Recommendations

5.1   Summary of findings                                          37

5.2   Conclusion                                                        41

5.3   Recommendations                                            42

5.4   Limitations of the study                                      45

References                                                       47

Appendix                                                          48

Questionnaire                                                   49




This research “Evaluation of Transportation Problems and their effects on Distribution of Goods and Services (A Study of Aguata Local Government Area, Anambra State)” aimed to identify the numerous obstacles that have militated against the growth of distribution of goods and services in Aguata local government area. The research is equally targeted at discovering the solutions of distribution of goods and services throughout transportation mean. This research is also aim at proffering recommendations as to the possible mean by which the problem of transportation and distribution of goods and service can be eliminated as a tool for distribution growth. This research also helps to improve the predictive power in business by offering relevant solution to the problems of transportation and distribution of goods and services in Aguata local government area. Three research questions were formulated to guide the researcher. The design of the study is a survey design; this necessitated the information of research question and questionnaires. Questionnaire was used as the instrument for data collection. The findings includes: it is observed that the research work of this project that despite the construction of different forms of transportation system to cover this project primitive system of transport and enhance distribution system the aims were defeated. This is because some areas in Aguata local government area are still lacking forms of transportation and consequently the goods process by them are not able to distributed to the areas where they are needed. The local government has not been able to bring out sufficient or more transit to aid in the distribution of goods, both in rural and urban area. In this case, efficient and effective distribution is lacking the local government area, because the aim have not been achieved for instance there have been road problem which contributed to the distribution of goods at the time it is needed it also caused the spoilage of perishable goods it has been found out also that management neglects their functions they do not discharge their duty effectively and providently this constitutes one of the impending factor in the distribution of goods in both the urban periphery. It was concluded that to maintain continuity and profit by the company drivers especially in Aguata local government area, risk bearing and corporate planning strategies should be a factors which ought not to be disregarded. Also private and public transport should in providing their vehicle to firms that need their help for delivering of goods at a reduced price, therefore we conclude that goods and effective transport system should be enforced in the light of the findings and conclusion it was recommended that for this obvious reason, effort have to be made by the individual in the production sector of the local government and those who are in the other sectors should realize that by having adequate transportations facilities to rural areas the availability of local food stuff will be increased in area with the population this should be done by providing more buses for the local government offer prompt delivery of goods besides that repair and grading the roads that leads to those hinter lands will be of great to the distribution of goods in effects, it will reduce the price of goods as have seen in the work, that due to inaccessibility of some areas, price of goods available in those are inflated because there is no means of getting in more goods.            







        In the transport context appraisal is always likely to be complex with interactions at many levels with other policy areas. The government white papers a new deals for transport better for everyone (Peter, 1998), sets in place the policy context for dealing with transport and highlight the complexity of transport problem and the interactions with other policy, areas our quality of life depend on transport, most of us travel every day, even if only locally. And we need an efficient transport system to support a strong and prosperous economy. But in turn, the way we travel is damaging our town and cities and harming our country side as demand for transport grows, we are even changing the every climate of our planet: transport appraisal is carried out to provide input to efficient policy development and resources allocation across government.

To be effective, must deal consistently with competing proposals be even handed across modes and take account of wide range of effects his guidance represents the department attempt ensure that transport appraisal are carried out effectively it has been written to be broadly consistent with the green book for anyone wishing to appraise a transport scheme in England should you identify any apparent contradiction between target an early stage in the study process the current future transport related problems will have been identified analyzed and displayed using text, tables and plots as appropriate as assessment of the text to which the problems identified would be solved by the option or option propose need to be made considering both absolute and relative performance against key indicators. It is possible that the second and third of these appraisal stands may amount to much the same thing, although this will clearly depend on the nature of the local and regional objectives adopted and the form of the local problems analysis.

This analysis is also likely to be particular interest to regional and local authorities and the local people and additional locally transport providers. These issues are distribution/specially, across mode etc the impacts of the solution, thus enabling an assessment to be made about the fairness of impact on those affected. Affordability and financials sustainability which aim to outline the financial performance of the solution identifying public acceptability which follow as checklist that includes such measure as feasibility are of interest, complexity political nature of solution.



  1. The neglect of transport sector by the management in the distribution of goods in the local government and it has caused economic backwardness to the local government.
  2. Poor roads which surround the Aguata local government area constitute a problem, especially in the rural area where there is no good road. This has raised alarm from various media houses in the state for proper maintenance of roads and construction of new ones to aid rural areas.
  3. The high cost of transportation facilities increase the price of freight chargeable one goods for distribution and this cause the increase in production cost.
  4. Poor transportation system has made it difficult for some towns and village in the local government to dispose their product from agricultural sector.
  5. Most of the vehicles transporting the goods are not motor-able most of the vans get spoiled on the way and the goods damaged before reaching desired customers.



The purpose of the study means the objective of the study i.e. the purpose for carrying out the research.

This research aimed to identify the numerous obstacles that have militated against the growth of distribution of goods and services in Aguata Local Government Area. The research is equally targeted at discovering the solutions of distribution of goods and service throughout transportation means. This research is also aimed at proffering recommendations as to the possible mean by which the problem of transportation and distribution of goods and services can be eliminated as a tool for distribution growth.

This research also helps to improve the predictive power in business by offering relevant solution to the problem of transportation and distribution of goods and services in Aguata local government area.



The significance of the study is geared towards the distribution of goods in Aguata local government area and those obstacles that hinders them for clarity, we will use the below yardstick for measuring effectiveness.

  1. The amount of goods that are distributed into the villages.
  2. The prices of the distributed goods if the proseis high why and if the price is low, what make it to be low.

Aguata local government should understand that the economic growth of any, lies on the annual turnover. If goods are not needed, it will hinder production and the economy will degenerate. The rural area should have an asset to all this products that are produced in the towns and also the town as well will benefit from the remote part of the local government area. Business men wholesalers will benefit more if goods are adequately distributed to the potential consumers and the circle continuous and economy flows.





Some of the research questions useful for this work includes:

  1. Try to know if management inefficiency influence transportation in Aguata local government area?
  2. The roles which advertisement and awareness play transport strategies in the area?
  • Knowing if bad roads and distance affect price of product distribution in Aguata local government area?
  1. To find out if high tax rate affect the distribution price?
  2. To find out if high cost of transportation facilities influence the price of goods and services?
  3. To know if poor transportation system has affected most areas in the local government in getting the finished goods and services?


In Nigeria and all over the world, transportation and distribution of goods and services is every vital to an area, from the research conducted. It was observed that transportation facilities the carrying of goods from one place to another and it is common in all limited to transporting of goods and services in Aguata local government area due to the following factors.

  1. Time: Due to lack of appropriate time that is involved in this project work. I cannot go beyond Aguata local government area for more research work on the transportation problem in the distribution of goods.
  2. High cost of transportation: This is another factor that hinders the program of this project the fact that one could have travelled to so many area for the research purpose but due to high cost of transport fare one cannot afford further research. Besides that lack of vehicles contributed against the research work.



Distribution Channels: This is defined as part followed by products as it changes hand and acquires more usefulness in the movement from production to consumptions.

Production: This is the provision of goods and service capable of satisfying human wants.

Economic development: This is described as making the best use lot all the resources available in a country with production in order to enhance the standard of living.

Raw Material: This could defined as the goods which are still in their primary style that will be turned into finished product.

Economic planning: This involves allocation of resources by the government in such a way that growth is smooth and as repaired as possible leading to an overall improvement in the standard of living of the people.