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 The main thrust of this study is to investigate Robust vehicle maintenance registry for V.I.O. This system provides vehicle service reminder while providing vehicle related solution by VOI officials.. This project work contains a review of existing systems related to the proposed system and the prototype development methodology used to develop the system. And also provides the design of the system using the Unified Modelling Language as well as testing of the system. The examination of the literature uncovered a number of empirical evidence areas, and the resulting discussion provides the basis for the design and implementation of vehicle maintenance and services system.



Background to the student

This research  implemented a Robust vehicle maintenance registry for Vehicle Inspection Office (VIO) which carries out a solution with low cost, low power consumption, real-time processing, and high stability.

Brief Historical Background of Vehicle Inspection Office (VIO)

On 1st January 1949, the Road Traffic Act was promulgated which is available to the Road Traffic Act chapter 548 Laws of the Federation of Nigeria (1990). It is this Act (1949) that gave birth to VIO.

They are called VIO (Vehicle Inspection Officers) and they work with VIS (Vehicle Inspection Service) which is a Directorate under the Ministry of Transportation.

Before 1939 vehicle inspection was carried out by the Directorate of Works, while Motor Licensing was supervised by the Motor Licensing officer under finance.

The establishment was a product of the 1980 International Treaty on the Harmonization of Highways legislations in the ECOWAS Sub-region signed by the Authority of Heads of State and Government.

 Statement of the Problem

The purpose of a vehicle maintenance registry system is to track and acquire relevant information for vehicle related services and maintenance, while also tackling arising problems. Problems such as break down and faulty parts such as wear and tear of tire, brake pads, tie rods, sharp etc which might come up while on the move leaving the vehicle user stranded. The proposed system will provide a go to for stranded individuals to request for immediate help.

Aim and Objectives

The project is aimed at implementing a Robust vehicle maintenance registry for Inspection Office (VIO)

. Specific objectives of the research paper are:

  1. To review related materials onvehicle servicing and maintenance systems.
  2. To identify the requirements for the proposed system.
  • To design models for the proposed system using the unified modelling language.
  • To implement the design.

Significance of the Project

The implementation of this program would be particularly useful to the Nigerian society as a whole. This research project will help curb the ever-growing unprofessionalism in dealing with maintenace.. In the Nigerian society today, a lot of vehicle accidents are attributed to ill fixing of vehicles which makes such a vehicle not road worthy. This study will also contribute to the existing knowledge about the relative contributions of previous computer-related experience on vehicle maintenance and services. This project will also encourage and give room for more research.

Scope/Project Organization

The scope of this project is on Robust vehicle maintenance registry for V.I.O. The remaining parts of this project describe the literature review in Chapter two, requirements analysis and design in Chapter three, implementation and testing in Chapter four, discussion, conclusion and recommendations in Chapter five.