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This study determined the use of instructional materials and the effects on students’ academic achievement, a case study of Enugu State College of Education (Technical). The use of instructional material cannot be ignored in our educational programs. It is the major instrument used in impacting knowledge in our students. Instructional materials deal with the use of educational aids in teaching e.g. pictures, charts, televisions, radios e.t.c. it helps to make learning more meaningful for children, to enhance teaching and learning and improve the competence of teachers. It is necessary for us to know why and how teaching materials are used and the effects in students’ academic achievement which is:- To find out how often teachers used teaching aids in the class without finding problems in teaching at Enugu State College of education (technical).To find out whether students taught with instructional materials, achieve better in exams than those taught without instructional materials. To find out whether teaching aids helps the teacher to achieve more objectives in less time. This involve oral interview which will be used to ascertain the extent with which teaching aids are used in teaching different subject in (ESCET). The Head of Departments, Lecturers and students are the respondents. The researchers find out that 100% of the students are in support of the use of instructional material in teaching.  The data collected were assembled and the results obtained were converted into percentage. The finder of this study indicates that:- Teachers do not often use teaching aids in the class. This instructional material helps the teachers to achieve all the lesson objective. Greater percentage of the respondents shows that students perform better in teachers made text or exam than when taught without instructional materials.









Education is as old as man. It starts when man is born. He starts learning how to suck breast milk. The mother guides him or her to drink water eats food and does certain things.

Education is very important to the life of human because it is the master key for national growth and economic development. It takes decisions depending on the learner’s change of behavior.

The man who experiences and internalizes or understands what he has experienced is said to have learned. The man, who has learned, has acquired some sort of education. This education is a continuous process. Man experiences new knowledge beginning from birth until the end of his life. It can therefore be easily seen that when he was in the house, he interacts with the parents  and  little  ones  in order to learn. When an individual is


been educated well, starting from day one (i.e when he was born). It will be easy for him to have a very wide experience of what is been taught to him.

Also according to Peter R.C. (1972) “Education” is the transmission of what is worth to individual to make him knowledgeable and contributing member of the society. It is all round development of person, physically, intellectually, morally and spiritually. Even with all the effort of the educationally standard of Nigeria, technical education is still not been treated as it is supposed because of Non-governmental issues.

According to the National policy on education (2004) “Technical education is that aspect of educational process involving the addition on general education. The study of technologies and related sciences had made the educational standard to be rich. One understands that teaching students, involves the use of instructional materials. This instructional materials helps in the practical works of the learners. It facilitates learning in education. It involves a lot of practical works.

Due to the economic male down of the country, the education of the (technical education schools) has gone down. The level of it is now been reduced. It reduces the view which people have for the education. Because of this economic male down, it makes it impossible for the technical schools to produce qualified teachers. Even qualified candidates are not been produced.

Industry also finds it impossible for them to have a well trained student in the country. The use of instructional materials equally helps the students to learn. Governments and individuals regard Technical education as education of the poor. Wretched and handicapped students who cannot do academic work, technical education also helps the students to learn. This project takes an in-depth look into the major causes of low standard of education in Enugu State college of Education (Technical). This is the use of instructional materials and it effects are been treated or applied.



A view of these attempts are being made to unveil the benefits of instructional materials. Even how they are used in Enugu State College of Education Technical. With this, statement above, it shows that instructional materials enhance learning. Many researchers have authenticated it. The main thing involved now is how to achieve the hundred percent usages of the instructional materials. It equally helps to give adequate study to the students. The use of this material equally gives the students greater effect on how to practicalize on some topic. It makes them not to depend on foreign materials that are been imported into the country.



The main purpose of the study is to:-

  • Find out how often teachers use teaching aids in the class without finding problems in teaching at Enugu State College of Education Technical.
  • To find out whether student taught with instructional materials, performs better in exams than those taught without instructional materials.
  • To find out whether educational media are used in teaching them. Examples Televisions, radio e.t.c.
  • Find out whether education media are used in teaching them.
  • Find out whether teaching aids help the teacher to achieve more objectives in less time.
  • Find out students performance in evaluation when taught with teaching aids and when taught without teaching aids.



This research is expected to be of great benefit to the people mentioned below. The teachers, parents and students researches. Even the community in general.

The findings, suggestions, and approvals of the governments will helps changing learning. It will provide basis for teaching of the students. Even for the teaching of the learners. For school supervisors and governments, it will provide basis of learning for them. Once the teacher masters the applications, operations of the instructional materials, the students will be able to grab the knowledge quickly. It helps the learners to be highly motivated in education. The use of instructional materials,  helps to retain the knowledge that is been imparted to the students.

Educational technology, provides visual presentation of ideas, concepts and information that are helpful in nature. It also adds colour to the lesson. It inculcates in the students. Instructional materials have helped a lot in the education of the learners.



  1. How often does your teacher bring teaching aid to the class?
  2. Do you enjoy using teaching materials in teaching?
  3. Do teaching material help the teachers to achieve more objective in less time.
  4. Do students taught with teaching materials perform better than those taught without such materials.



The study is limited in finding out the use of instructional materials. It equally has to do with the finding out of the effectiveness of the materials, when it is used in teaching the students. The use of Instructional material, help a lot to make out the industrial differences of the students in the class. It helps the teacher to know if the students learn more when taught with instructional materials or not. It helps in the practical classes of the students. The students understand more of the practical works because of the provision of Instructional materials.